Tuesday, October 24, 2006



In an effort to familarize you with the ESPN anchors you watch on a loop all day, we here at TDS have created a new feature called Out of Bounds, where you'll get to know the anchors beyond their on screen personas. This week, let us introduce you to the real Rachel Nichols.

Rachel went to Northwestern University. Nichols is married to music executive Max Nichols and is the daughter-in-law of film director Mike Nichols, and stepdaughter-in-law of television journalist Diane Sawyer. For all you negative nellies out there who swear that she used some sort of connection to get on ESPN, let me reiterate that she went to Northwestern. She's also a robot.

This is why Rachel doesn't possess human emotions.

She used to go by the name Tiffany Brissette. You may be familiar with her earlier work:

Rachel grew up and went to Hot Topic and got some magenta hair dye. She is now starring in ground breaking pieces such as this:

She's also a budding comedian

Rachel will be appearing Friday's in November at the Giggleplex in Boise, Idaho.

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