Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carter rips Strahan for ripping Burress about ripping Manning

Left guard, punter also criticized for some reason

Earlier today, Giants #2 receiver Tim Carter blasted defensive end Michael Strahan after his comments criticizing receiver Plaxico Burress for making negative statements about Eli Manning's leadership and his own lack of effort.

"It's just uncalled for," said the normally soft-spoken Carter. "We've lost three games in a row, the last thing we need is for guys to get self-righteous and blast guys because they alienated other guys. It's just not acceptable to single out teammates, and that's exactly what my teammate Michael Strahan did."

Carter's teammates have not reacted favorably to his outburst.

"It's completely unacceptable," defensive tackle Fred Robbins told a gaggle of reporters a few minutes after Carter's statements. "If you have a problem with a teammate, you settle it face-to-face. You can't go talking about specific guys to the media. Tim Carter should know that."

The emerging Carter-Strahan animosity is just the latest chapter in a Giants season rife with tension, including the well-publicized Manning/Burress and Shockey/Coughlin feuds, as well as the lesser-known feud between third-string quarterback Tim Hasselbeck and backup linebacker Gerris Wilkinson, who videotaped themselves getting into a fight after Sunday's game and mailed the tape to the Associated Press.

Coach Tom Coughlin is expected to release a statement today condemning both Carter's statements and Robbins' subsequent reaction to them. The statement is also expected to question the lack of effort by veteran kick returner Chad Morton as well as former Giant Ike Hilliard, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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