Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Baseball Hot Stove Report - Tuesday, November 28

Who's afraid of the big bad Wolf's injury-plagued history? - The Dodgers took a chance on lefty Randy Wolf, signing him to a one year, $8 million deal with a club option for a 5 year, $70 million extension in 2007.

Zaun Daddy Zaun - Toronto signed Gregg Zaun to a two-year, $7.25 million deal, solidifying their backup catcher spot for at least the next two years.

Adam Eaton' up the Phils' money - The Phillies signed Adam Eaton to a 3 year, $24 million contract; to appease the Philly fans, Eaton will spend the offseason in the Carribean getting a major tan, and he will have to answer to the name "Soriano".

Use the force, Delluc' - Cleveland signed David Dellucci to a three year, $11.5 million deal; GM Mark Shapiro admitted he was going to ask Carlos Lee to the dance but got scared and signed the lonely Dellucci in a panic.

We need Balti-more relievers! - The Orioles are on the verge of adding Chad Bradford and Scott Williamson to their bullpen just days after signing Danys Baez; Manager Sam Perlozzo explained, "We know we have no chance of ever winning the AL East. But a mug that says 'World's Greatest Bullpen Grandpa'? That would be sweet."

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