Saturday, December 23, 2006

What Goes through Tom Brady's head while he stands in the pocket:

Alright, if we're gonna pull this off, I have to get the ball to eleven different dudes.

Where is David Givens? Did we get rid of him? Am I thinking of Deion Branch?

Didn't we draft a receiver real early this year? It has to be one of these guys. Wait, then how'd we get Muroney?

At least three of those linemen have to be tight ends, but I can't risk throwing to the wrong one, especially after I kept calling Daniel Graham "Daniel Craig" at that dinner party.

That's not actually Kevin Faulk...? Is this gonna be that dream again where I beat the Rams in the Superbowl then make out with Brenda Warner for some reason? I'm not attracted to her at all, even subconsciously. Freud was an asshole. If Freud were my slot receiver, I'd only give him like three touches a game.

Crap, better convert this, I don't want this backup kicker guy to have to make one from 40.

Oooh, that dude has a number in the 80s, he's probably pretty fast. I'll throw to him.

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