Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Headlines for Wednesday, January 31

Liberty Bonds - Barry Bonds and the Giants are still unclear about the "right to terminate" provision in the outfielder's latest contract; Bonds is blaming the vague wording on teammates Pedro Feliz and Steve Kline.

All-Star Rumble in the Bronx - Yankee Stadium is set to host MLB's All-Star Game in 2008, the final year of the stadium's operation. Bud Selig called the stadium "a natural fit, because by 2008 the AL All-Stars will just be the Yankees with Vlad Guererro swapped in for Andy Phillips."

Tank-ful - Bears D-lineman Tank Johnson is claiming to have a new perspective on life after his recent arrest, claiming "It showed me that you've got to be more careful with who you surround yourself with and some of the time you spend off the field." He added, "For example, I was hanging out with a lot of guns."

Missing Stu - Stu Inman, former player personnel director of the Portland Trailblazers, passed away at the age of 80; inspired Blazers got together to proclaim, "we're gonna win 35 games for Stu!"

General Marry-er - Red Sox GM Theo Epstein was recently married at a quiet ceremony at the Nathan's hot dog stand on Coney Island. He chose Nathan's after his first three choices, Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter's Upper East Side Apartment, and Blondie's Sports Bar during a Yankee playoff game were unavailable.

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Does Bonds need the extra cash?