Thursday, April 12, 2007

ESPN covers the NHL playoffs

What an amazing first night of the NHL playoffs! Dallas and Vancouver play four overtimes, Nashville scores two goals in the third to take San Jose to overtime, the Ducks score with five minutes left to beat Minnesota, and Sidney Crosby makes his playoff debut, although it's viciously spoiled by the fired-up Ottawa Senators! I can't wait to see what ESPN has say about this!

This was the front page of's NHL page today. The Second Annual Barry Melrose Mullet Madness Gallery. They couldn't talk about mullets on any other day of the calander year except for the one right after the most important night of hockey in the last 10 months? I guess the references to Paul McCartney and 80s Michael Keaton are pretty topical.

I can't wait til Wildcard Week in the NFL next year, I want to see who makes the Second Annual John Clayton Turkey Neck But Also Wearing Glasses Madness Gallery, which I imagine will be on the morning after the first two playoff games.


Vincent said...

I guess someone forgot to click on 2007 Playoffs (you know, the one right under NHL Front Page)

Raj said...

ESPN's goal is to make money by visitors clicking on as many pages as possible, thus seeing as many adds as possible. What's more frightening is that they sat down and realized that more people are interested in mullets than they are in hockey.

Has anyone noticed that goals are almost back to pre-strike levels, and that fights/thuggish play has been rising as well? If the league really wants to attract a wider fan base, and no I don't mean more unnessiary expansion to Vegas, then they need to really alter the rules and make the game faster paced, and have the refs be the inforcers rather than have 2 weeks of trade deadline stories around big old guys like Keith Tkachuk to protect the scoring guys, and not dedicate intermission stories to how Gretzky had guys to protect him.