Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update Update: MLB Draft Being Televised Is Still Not News, Even Nine Hours Later

ESPN.com still has this poll up about the MLB Draft nine hours later, obviously to continue to promote the fact that it's being televised on ESPN2 this year, regardless of the fact that 125,000+ people have declared they are not going to be watching it.

Maybe if they keep the poll up for another full day, the story will suddenly become newsworthy.

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Raj said...

Well the top 5 players in this year's draft will probably slip to the bottom of the first round since Scott Boras demanded too much money from the worst teams, but not to worry, the Pirates are expected to select a Left Handed starting pitcher who if everything pans out could eventually become a back of the bullpen guy for their AAA team. BTW he's had Tommy John Surgery 3 times.