Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ESPN.COM MLB Pennant Race Chat

Earlier this afternoon, held a livechat with Baseball America's Jim Callis. I submitted as many questions as possible, all of which remain unanswered.

Kevin from Philly: Any chance anyone out there is still willing to take a chance on Maurice Clarett? The kid's got such a huge upside. I'd love to see him in a Phillies jersey this year.

Kevin from Philly: I think the Phillies should platoon Ryan Howard and Abraham Nunez at third and just let Randy Wolf play first. That guy can hit.

Kevin from Philly: Any truth to the rumor that Leyland will also ship Rogers, Verlander, Bonderman, and Ordonez down to the minors? I think the Tigers MUST do this to remain competitive.

Kevin from Philly: If the Cubs had Henry Rowengartner, do you think this year would have been different? I think he could have thrown at least 25 K's, which I think is more than both Prior and Wood have thrown in their careers.

Kevin from Philly: What do you consider more impressive, what the Twins have been able to do this year or what Billy Heywood was able to do with them back in 1994? Bare in mind Billy was a 12 year old coaching a professional baseball team AND he didn't have players like Santana and Mauer.

Kevin from Philly: Alright we're talking prospects, what do you think of this Lieberthal kid in Philly? That's a name we'll be hearing a lot from in the future.

[At this point, Callis was answering questions like "24 or Sopranos?" or "Aluminum or wooden bats in college baseball?"]

Kevin from Philly: Windbreakers or hooded sweatshirts? NFL or XFL? Window Units or Central Air Conditioning? Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Superbowl? The Commish or The Shield? Socialism or Monarchy? Elephants or giraffes? 227 or Living Single?

Kevin from Philly: Rollie Fingers' Otto Von Bismarck or Eckersley's porn stache?

[I completely lost my mind at this point]

Kevin from Philly: Jim! Could you pick my dad up from the train station? I really want to take a nap. Thanks!

[An answer from an ESPN Live Chat remains as elusive as ever but I still prefer Central Air]

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