Monday, August 14, 2006

NFL Training Camp Report Part 1 - The New Coaches

With a bunch of new NFL Coaches' faces in new places, Dan breaks down what to expect this season out of the crop of first-year NFL coaches

Herman Edwards, Chiefs - A solid hire by the Chiefs, Edwards should bring his propensity for firing up defenses and preaching hard-nosed football to a talented but underachieving franchise

Dick Jauron, Bills - Not sure why the Bills hired this guy, he sucked with the Bears and he sucked with the Lions. They're gonna suck.

Art Shell, Raiders - Wait, seriously? The same one?

Brad Childress, Vikings - Who? Oh, that dude from the Eagles? Might help their offense, I guess?

Eric Mangini, Jets - Huh? Never heard of him. Wikipedia claims he's 35, that's pretty young.

Gary Kubiak, Texans - Who?

Rod Marinelli, Lions - Who are these guys?

Scott Linehan, Rams - I seriously don't know who the fuck any of these guys are.

Sean Payton, Saints - Where'd all these new motherfuckers come from??

Mike McCarthy, Packers - Whatever. This was a dumb idea.

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