Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sports Headlines for Sunday, August 13

Reggie Bush, Vince Young make their pro debuts in Preseason Game - After Saints' 19-16 victory, reporters dare each other to ask Bush if he feels avenged for last year's Rose Bowl

Team USA Defeats Lithuania in World Basketball Championships, 104-90 - Ecstatic Lithuanian government proclaims August 12th National "90 Points Against the US" Day, giving the nation its first non-mob controlled national holiday (for the time being)

Manny Ramirez extends hit streak to 27 as Sox win
- Boston media credits Manny's hit streak to David Ortiz being so clutch, it's rubbing off

Oleg Maskaev TKOs Hasim Rahman, wins Heavyweight Title - Rahman's defeat shocks the world, because they've actually heard of him

Federer advances to Rogers Cup Final - In a Cinderella Story for the ages, Roger Federer is just one win away from winning an ATP tournament

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