Friday, August 25, 2006

NFL Training Camp Report Part 2 - QB Profiles

Carson Palmer, Cin - Great arm, commanding pocket presence and a budding leadership ability

Michael Vick, Atl - Tremendously athletic; terrific breakway speed and scrambling ability

Drew Bledsoe, Dal - Solid leader whose intangibles and leadership should benefit the young Cowboys

Byron Leftwich, Jax - Posseses fantastic athletic qualities, though he needs to step up and get some intangibles

Brett Favre, GB - Competitive gunslinger whose gutsy passes provide veteran leadership to everyone around him

Aaron Brooks, Oak - Makes too many stupid passes, but a gifted athlete nonetheless

David Carr, Hou - Needs to bounce back from tough '05 and get back to being the leader of this franchise

Donovan McNabb, Phi - Needs to bounce back from rough, unathletic '05 and show that he can still athletically be an athlete

Brad Johnson, Min - Superbowl veteran whose veteran leadership skills will intangibly provide leadership

Steve McNair, Bal - Veteran of being athletic; good veteran speed and a real veteran scrambling ability

Mark Brunell, Was - Leader.

Daunte Culpepper, Mia - Athletic.

Matt Leinart, Ari - PAC-10 standout with terrific leadership ability; look for him to develop into this team's young leader next year and eventually grow into being a veteran leader

Vince Young, Ten - College standout with a high ceiling for athleticism; should develop into a franchise athlete with skills reflective of athleticism for years to come

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