Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Mel Kiper Jr. has served as expert analyst for Teapot Dome Scandal's annual Draft coverage since 1984. He is also a vampire.

With the NFL draft almost 9 months away, most of you assume I'm either hibernating like a grizzly bear or sitting in a subterranean fall out shelter kissing pictures of Brady Quinn and going to the bathroom on myself. While there may be some truth to these rumors, I've started creating other arbitrary lists to pass the time. The first is a list of the top 5 babies in the world. The list of the top 5 babies is reflective of ultrasounds and home movies I have watched in the offseason. Check back in November for the complete Top 25 Big Baby Board.

1. Joshy
Joshy is in a class of his own. Amazing intelligence. Could possess ability to tie shoes by age 3. He's that good.

2. Harry
Harry has such a tremendous upside. This kid is mobile. Rumor is that he may able to walk within the next 4 months.

3. Michael
So much potential. If this baby comes out early, he will totally dominate the Reed household.

4. Charlie
Questionable work ethic but a real player. Loves ice cream.

5. Kyle
Good kid, eats too much dirt.

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