Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reactions to the Cory Lidle incident:

Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano: "I never really got to know Cory. Or any of my Yankees teammates, for that matter. Hey, did the playoffs start yet?"

Former Phillies teammate Aaron Rowand: "Philly fans love players who aren't afraid to run into walls. Needless to say, Cory will go down as the most loved figure in the history of Philadelphia. Yes, including Ben Franklin."

Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels: "I guess we'll have to give a ridiculous 4-year, $32 million dollar contract to John Thomson instead."

Blue Jays pitcher Ted Lilly: "I was shocked when I heard the news, because I always confuse him with me. But I checked myself out on Wikipedia, it's all good."

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez: "Yes! I won't be in the Post today! Wait, this quote won't be, will it?"

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