Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flyers offering 40-year season ticket packages?

(Fans only!)

Needless to say, I did a double take when I came across the homepage for, a page which was unfortunately replaced on Monday (apparently, their intern's got a sharp eye.) Turns out, this tab was in reference to a ticket package commemorating the Flyers' 40th anniversary, and was not, in fact, a 40-year ticket subscription.

Still, for a brief moment, I was reveling in the website's audacity; it's one thing to sell tickets for this embarrassing incarnation of a once-great (-until-choking-in-playoffs) franchise, but with the "Fan Pack," they almost seem to be belligerently challenging their patrons, saying "Do you really want to buy Individual Tickets, like some fairweather pussy, or do you want to prove you're a fan and hop on board for the next FORTY YEARS?"

On the plus side, within the next forty years, Derian Hatcher's current contract will expire, as will his subsequent 5-year extension, plus Simon Gagne may figure out how to score a goal in the second half of one of those next 40 seasons, but, best of all, the Flyers have to get to the Cup Finals at least four or five times in that span, likely even getting to seven games in one of them before losing.

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Critical Sports Blog said...

I'll pass. No way I live 40 more years.