Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MLB HOT STOVE REPORT - Tuesday, November 14

Red Sox bid $42 million to negotiate with Japanese pitcher Matsuzaka - Bud Selig reiterates, "Look, if baseball was economically unfair, then how do you explain the A's and Twins having success ever?"

Cubs lock up Ramirez for 5 years, $75 million - Cubs GM Hendry said, "Hopefully, this will divert some of the fans' frustration over that Mark Prior contract."

Orioles acquire Jared Wright from Yankees - Manager Sam Pelozzo says he looks forward to seeing what pedestrian numbers Wright can bring to the Orioles' upcoming pedestrian season.

Cubs resign Kerry Wood to incentive-laden deal worth up to $6 million - Wood was reportedly suspicious over the contract, which was photocopied and had numerous instances of the name "Ricky Williams" crossed out.

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