Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prophetic Pun Prediction

It was only a matter of time before the St. Louis Blues decided to fire coach Mike Kitchen, and it was only that matter of time plus about eight seconds before someone threw caution to the wind and used a pun headline on the word "Kitchen".

Fans of our old blog (i.e., people who happened to Google "Mike Milbury Shitty") will recall my "Coach Fired-o-meter" piece, in which I suggested the headlines for Kitchen's inevitable firing, "Blues Redecorate Their Kitchen" , "Kitchen's Singing The Blues, But Thankfully No Longer Coaching Them", and "Blues To Hire Either John Bathroom Or Steve Breakfast Nook". My friend Gribbin also suggested "Blues can't take the heat, get out the Kitchen".

So we were off by a little. Still, I feel I've earned the right for the rest of the week to call myself Nostrapunmus. Which isn't a pun itself. Whatever, just cause I can predict puns doesn't mean my name has to have a pun in it.

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