Friday, January 26, 2007

Belichick lists entire Patriots roster as doubtful for Superbowl

Bill Belichick released the Patriots' team injury report to the media yesterday, listing every single one of the players on the 53-man roster as "doubtful" for Superbowl XLI a week from Sunday.

"I won't comment on specific players," said Belichick, "but right now we have a number of situations at hand with regard to various individuals, and we'll have to wait and see how it plays out over the course of the week."

Even taking into account Belichick's history of exaggerated injury reports, the Patriots' would-be-opponent Bears were surprised by the move.

"He does realize they lost, right?" said Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. "I can't tell if Bill's joking, or just being cautious, or, well, just being his regular a-hole self."

When asked why he still submitted an injury report after his team was knocked out of the playoffs, Belichick reiterated "I simply cannot say at this point who's going to play and who isn't, there are a bunch of factors at hand. I'd like to think Rodney [Harrison] and Tedi [Bruchi] are going to start, but we don't want to risk them coming back too soon."

He added, "We'll just have to wait for the Superbowl and see what happens."

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Alex said...

100% chance of Bill rocking the gray cut-off hoodie though