Monday, January 15, 2007

Headlines for Monday, Jan 15

Patriots 24, Chargers 21 - LaDanian Tomlinson expressed resentment after some Patriots players danced on the Chargers' on-field logo, complaining "[The Patriots] made a complete mockery out of our little curvey cartoon lightning bolt from the 70s."

Bears defeat Seahawks in Overtime, 27-24 - Robbie Gould's 49-yard game-winning field goal instantly tied him with Joe Jurevicious as Penn State's all-time most successful NFL prospect.

Wise Huntin' - The Arizona Cardinals named Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Wisenhunt head coach Sunday; said Wisenhunt, "We already have all the tools in place to dominate fantasy football next season."

Still an Overjay - Lyle Overbay signed a 4 year, $24 million deal to remain with the Blue Jays; on the value of the contract, a humble Overbay remarked, "I figure I'm mathematically about half as good as Gary Matthews Jr, so the deal seemed fair."

NBA OK with MLK - The Wizards defeated the Jazz 114-111 on a special Martin Luther King Day engagement; at halftime, guests Mike Bibby and Jason Kidd delivered speeches about the importance of the holiday to their somewhat black heritage.

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