Monday, January 15, 2007

Pistons collect all three light-blue properties, win Chris Webber Sweepstakes

In case you didn't see's headline, the Detroit Pistons have won themselves a brand new roleplayer in Chris Webber, their reward for collecting the Oriental, Vermont, and Connecticut gamepieces in the latest round of McDonald's Monopoly game. Here are the rest of the available prizes:

Dark Purple: Choice of Maurice Clarett, Rae Carruth, or Bam Morris. Or all three.

Light Blue: Choice of Chris Webber or $10,000 of salary cap relief.

Light Purple: Choice of one small coffee, small fries, or Alexandre Daigle.

Orange: Choice of coaching Duke football, Penn State basketball, or USC ice hockey.

Red: Everyone the Seattle Mariners have signed in the past three years.

Yellow: Choice of Michael Vick, Lamar Odom, Viktor Kozlov, or a quarter pounder with the word "potential" on it.

Green: Choice of Mike Tice coaching your team or a Big Mac which will be eaten by Mike Tice unless you distract him by allowing him to coach your team.

Dark Blue: Brett Favre.

Collect all four Railroads: Choice of becoming head coach of the Lions or getting shivved by a boxcar hobo.

Thousands of Instant Win pieces available too!!! One in four wins!!! Prizes include:

- Order of hash browns

- NFC Playoff Spot

- Second round pick in the NBA Draft

- Gold Glove

- Sausage McMuffin with egg

- Home-ice advantage throughout the NHL Playoffs

- Juwon Howard

- A World Series title

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