Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teapot Dome Scandal INSIDER

In-depth insight into trade rumors and draft speculation that's so damn inside, if it saw the sun it would be like "what the hell is that??"

NHL - The Ottawa Senators acquire center Mike Comrie from Phoenix for some guy named Alexei Kaigorodov.

INsider Analysis: Comrie has pretty much been a third or fourth line center his whole career, but this trade still makes Ottawa instant Cup favorites, and when Kaigorodov comes off his current suspension, Phoenix will be unbeatable.

NBA - The Charlotte Bobcats acquire guard Jeff McInnis from the Nets for swingman Bernard Robinson.

INsider Analysis: A minor acquisition on paper, but this is likely Charlotte's first step towards trading for Kevin Garnett and signing Yao to make them an automatic perennial dynasty. Also, trading McInnis frees up New Jersey to win the NBA title this season and probably next.

MLB - The Pittsburgh Pirates sign utilityman Jose Hernandez to a 1-year deal.

INsider Analysis: The Pirates will win the World Series.

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