Tuesday, February 20, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Jeter lashes out!

Derek Jeter unleashed a verbal tirade at the media yesterday condemning Alex Rodriguez about everything from his effort on the field, their clubhouse relationship, and his general failure as a human being.

Jeter made his frustration with Rodriguez abundantly clear, saying, "This is our fourth year to be playing together. It's annoying.... Everyone...they know what our relationship is...they see us on the field....We're at opposite ends of the bench...it's a story[!]"

Jeter went on to bash Rodriguez's off-the-field demeanor and its negative impact on the Yankees, saying "What we do away from the field, how much time we spend together, really makes...difference when we're playing."

Jeter then proceeded to candidly attack Rodriguez, saying, in a noticably frustrated tone, "I don't see the relevance of [Alex]. [Alex] has no bearing on us playing baseball. From Day One I've said [sarcastically] I support Alex. I...think it's my job to tell fans to boo [Alex] or not to [boo Jason Giambi]."

He added, "[Also Alex can't ever hit in the clutch ever.]"

While the Yankees have yet to issue a formal comment on this latest escalation of the Jeter-Rodriguez Feud of the Century, sources believe that the team is describing this situation as "No [, this is a] big deal [!]"

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