Friday, February 23, 2007

Jack Wilson & Mike Skinner: Goofy lookin' look-alikes

Ever notice how closely deformed Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson resembles British rapper Mike Skinner from The Streets? I know I have, and I imagine most fans of both the Pirates and superhyped British garagey rap (i.e., 80% of the US population) have thought this too. But the similarities are more than weirdly-mangled-skin deep. Consider:

1 - Both have become more popular in the past two years despite shoddier production.

2 - Both have bounced back strongly from public relationship issues; Skinner had a falling out with his fictional girlfriend on the "Grand Don't Come For Free" album, just as Wilson was constantly made fun of by Brian Giles and Jason Kendall.

3 - Both took pot-shots at fellow teammates; Wilson at second baseman Jose Castillo, Skinner at the American music press on the song "Two Nations."

4 - Both rarely ever take walks; Wilson drew just 33 walks last season in 580 plate appearances, only slightly higher than Mike Skinner's zero.

5 - I used to be big fans of both, but now if either one got traded to the Blue Jays, I wouldn't really feel so bad.

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