Friday, November 03, 2006

Johnson guarantees possible victory

In trademark Ocho-Cinco fashion, Chad Johnson boldly stepped forward this week and proclaimed, "I guarantee that we will probably beat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. They got absolutely not much of a chance against us."

The media has taken notice of Johnson's nearly brash statements, though Johnson is shrugging off allegations that he has scaled back his guarantees after the Bengals' loss to Atlanta last week.

"Ain't no loss gonna make me stop talking," Johnson reiterated. "The Ravens can put whoever the hell they want on me, there's still a really good chance I'm gonna score. I might even score twice, if the circumstances work out and we catch some breaks. But I'm at least guaranteeing that one touchdown is likely, and I'm gonna try for two. And you can quote me on that."

Johnson continued, "Who's gonna cover me? Chris McAllister? He ain't got no chance of keeping me from touching the ball like four or five times for probably 70, 80 yards or so. But if he falls down or they blow the coverage when I'm goin' deep, I guarantee that there's a really good chance that they ain't got no chance of stoppin' me."

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