Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Joe Borowski signed with the Indians this afternoon.

Why is this an interesting story? Because Borowski failed a physical with the Phillies less than a week ago. Even more head-scratching is this prognostication from the Indians' website from Monday:

Joe Borowski's failed physical with the Phillies last week might have put him in a position to become the Indians' closer.

What can we make of this? One of three things:

1) Borowski intentionally failed his physical with the Phillies, a la David Brent, because he realized he had a better chance of closing games for the Indians.

2) Cleveland's medical staff has lower standards than Philly's when it comes to what constitutes "healthy" or "unhealthy". We know this is true about pretty much every other aspect of the city of Cleveland in comparison to other cities.

3) Borowski got in shape real fast between last Thursday and today.

My guess is it's some combination of #1 and #2, as well as the Phillies' developing Pirates-esque fear of right-handed pitchers. Plus Borowski never ran into any walls, so he'd be instantly disliked by all Philly fans.

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