Sunday, January 21, 2007

AFC / NFC Championship Game Pix:

New England at Indianapolis - A lot of people are talking about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but there's someone that the media isn't talking about: Colts center Jeff Saturday. He's been there for every loss to the Patriots too, so I imagine he's also trying to get a monkey of sorts off his back, plus he's a very large human being so I assume he has a tremendous capacity for spite. Expect an inspired Saturday to block the shit out of whomever's in front of him, but, given that he's a center and he won't be as important to the game as Brady and Manning, I'm going with the Patriots.

Patriots 24, Colts 18

New Orleans at Chicago - The Saints should be inspired to keep winning in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which is weird because they really didn't seem inspired to do anything last year, when the hurricane occurred. Maybe they needed time to gain some perspecive on the event. Chicago should be inspired too, still with a chip on their shoulder after the Chicago Fire, something that was proportionally as devastating as the hurricane and which the city has still not recovered from mentally. HBO managed to make a 9/11 documentary about the Yankees the year they lost in the World Series, so I'm sure they'll still be able to make one about New Orleans even if they lose in this game. It'll all come down to how much inspiration the Saints can bring to the field. And how their defense plays.

Bears 26, Saints 23 (OT)

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