Monday, January 22, 2007

Headlines for Monday, Jan 22

Over and Dungy: Colts 38, Patriots 34 - Losing Adam Vinatieri came back to haunt New England, as he wasn't there to help stop the Colts offense or to prevent an interception on the Patriots' final drive; the worthless Colts have delayed their choke until at least next week, and possibly may even put it off until the 2007 season.

McSuperbowl, I'm Lovie-in' it: Bears 39, Saints 14 - The Bears stumbled across a bunch of points and advanced to their first Superbowl since the untackleable Walter Peyton Tecmo Bowl era; following the Saints' loss, the people of New Orleans will have to wait until next preseason to resume being inspired.

Tomlin can you coach me? - Vikings Defensive Coordinator Mike Tomlin was named the new coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, making him the franchise's first African-American head coach since the time Bill Cowher wore blackface to the team's roast of Kordell Stewart.

Uts' baseball chips: just $85 million! - The Phillies signed second baseman Chase Utley to a seven-year, $85 million extension; the team made most of the money in Vegas betting that the franchise would retain Charlie Manuel as manager for another season.

Robitaille a yellow ribbon - The LA Kings raised Luc Robitaille's #20 to the rafters, right next to the jersies of Vincent Damphousse and Doug Gilmour in the special "dudes you were pretty sure were still playing" section.


Walter said...

I swear to God I made the "I'm Lovie It" pun not twelve hours ago. Creepy.

But not as creepy as your lengthy discussion of Saturday before the Colts game yesterday.

Dan said...

Awesome minds think awesomely alike